logo   Peter Brötzman - Sonny Sharrock Duo: Fragments (ODL10010)
  OKKA DISK Limited Edition Series (LP)
(180 gram vinyl)
Musicians Peter Brötzmann
Sonny Sharrock
Cover and Artwork cover

Fragments No 1-5

Side A:

No1 - 11'55
No2 - 8'03

Side B:
No3 - 6'24
No4 - 4'02
No5 - 9'23

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Recording Info

Recorded live at the Elbo Room Chicago 12/2/89
Mastered by: Lou Malozzi
Recorded by : Malachai Ritcher
Photographs : Unknown
Design: Brötzm + Klaus Untiet
Executive design by: Louise Molnar
Produced by: Bruno Johnson