Live at the Empty Bottle (ODL10005)
  OKKA DISK Limited Edition Series — SOLD OUT!
Musicians Peter Brötzmann — reeds
Hamid Drake — drums
Kent Kessler — bass
Cover and Artwork cover

Cover by: Peter Brötzmann
Photo by: John Corbett
Layout/typography by: L.E. Molnar


1. Something From Your Heart (17:04)
2. Crest of the Wave (41:02)
total time: 58:06

Recording Info

Recorded live at the Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, on July 22, 1998

Produced by: Andrew Choate and John Corbett
Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson
Recorded by: Malachi Ritscher/Savage Sound
Mastered: at AirWave by John McCortney

Liner Notes

May I say it? May I just come out and say it? Give it up for the rhythm section! I’m serious! Give it up for Hamid Drake and Kent Kessler! Yes, give it up for Peter Brötzmann, beloved to Chicago audineces for solo, duo, trio, octet, tentet, and a beer bottle placed at his feet at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois.

But don’t forget to give it up for the locals! I say "locals" without the least whiff of the patronizing; I say it to betray openmouthed appreciation, so give it up! Reader, where do you live? Do people where you live stand up and whistle and scream and holler at gigs of improvised music? Give it up for the rhythm section, and give it up for their awesome boogie force. I’m serious. I was there; I was dancing. I gave it up for the rhythm section. Listen to the crowd freak! I’m genuinely sorry that this is just a compact disk. My condolences, honestly. Will you listen to that crowd! I’m sorry that this is just a compact disk, but you too can freak and you can dance. Give it up for Peter Brötzmann. But you are also going to have to give it up for Hamid Drake and Kent Kessler.

- David Grubbs

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