logo  Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet / Images (OD12047)

Joe McPhee — trumpet
Jeb Bishop — trombone
Ken Vandermark — tenor / baritone sax, b-flat-clarinet
Mats Gustafsson — tenor / baritone sax
Mars Williams — alto / tenor / sopranino sax
Peter Brötzmann — alto / tenor sax, a-clarinet, tarogato
Fred Lonberg-Holm — cello
Kent Kessler — bass
Michael Zerang — drums
Hamid Drake — drums

Cover and Artwork

Design: Brötzm
Additional Design and Production: Louise Molnar


1.All Things Being Equal (for Robert Rauschenberg) - 37:05
Ken Vandermark (ASCAP)

2.Images - 24:11
Brötzman (GEMA)

Recording Info

All Things Being Equal
Recorded at Airwave Studios / Chicago
17th and 18th of June 2002 by John McCortney

Recorded at Vasteras Konserthus / Vasteras Sweden
3rd of November 2003 by Maurice Mogaard
Recording Producer: Lars-G
öran Ulander Swedish Radio P2
Concert Produced by Lennart Nilsson / New Perspectives

Mastered by John McCourtney
Produced by
Peter Brötzman / 19th of December 2003

Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson

Thanks To:
MacArthur Foundation
Boche Billions
Swedish Radio P2