logo  Afternoons (OD12039)

Jeb Bishop Trio/Quartet:
Jeb BishopTrombone
Kent KesslerBass
Tim MulvennaDrums
Jeff ParkerGuitar

Cover and Artwork cover

Cover Painting: Albert Oehlen (from Inhaltsangabe)
Graphic Design: Louise Molnar


1. Flex Time (10:08)
2. No More and No Less [for Mary Bishop] (8:13)
3. The Get-Go (6:20)
4. Pond (6:40)
5. Mirror Image (8:02)
6. The Umbrella (6:59)
7. Piggly Wiggly (8:02)
All Compositions by Jeb Bishop (BMI)

Recording Info

Recorded at:
Airwave Studios, Chicago
July 24 & 25, 2000

Produced by: Jeb Bishop
Engineered by: John McCortney
Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson
Mixed and Mastered by: John McCortney (with assistance from the musicians)